Dec 31, 2021 • 28M

2021: Movies We Extremely Did Not See

They keep making movies, we keep not seeing them

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Don't want to see this movie? We didn't see it for you.
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This is the year-end episode of the semi-new podcast Didn’t See It Don’t Need To, starring Sarah Miller and Joshua Clover, an integral part of conglomerate.

I know listening to podcasts can be a lot. But this is a good podcast. It is EDITED. We don’t talk about ourselves - VERY MUCH. You know how there was so much DISCOURSE about West Side Story and then no one actually saw it? Well, we didn’t see it first. That is just one example of why this podcast is worth your time. By the way, we both love movies. Just not these movies, which we have never seen, and never will.

Sorry it’s out so late, I had a power outage. For days!

Here is a still from Dear Evan Hansen which we super did not see:

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