Dec 10, 2021 • 27M

Didn't See It Don't Need To: WEST SIDE STORY

In which Joshua Clover and I do not see this film and say why

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The Real Sarah Miller
Don't want to see this movie? We didn't see it for you.
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Welcome to “Didn’t See It, Don’t Need To” a podcast where Joshua Clover and I don’t see movies. You might think this is cynical, we think the cynical thing is that these movies are made and discussed in the first place. Also, we do love/see movies, but not these movies! This podcast is free. Consider subscribing if you can to keep this stuff coming, it takes a lot of work to not see movies and to write things. Here is the archive of all DSDNT episodes and everything else I write for this newletter. The last film we didn’t see was Spencer, it’s in there.