Sep 17, 2021 • 17M

Didn't See It Don't Need To: Cry Macho

As long as they keep making movies, we'll keep not seeing them - especially this one!

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Short interviews rather narrowly focused around one event or small idea.
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This is a free podcast from The Real Sarah Miller, in which Joshua Clover and I review movies without seeing them.

So far I have been making my stuff free more or less and relying on those who have the means or interest signing up. If you are not broke, consider paying. If you can’t or do not feel moved to pay, I am hoping other people will step up so that I and my small group of helpers may continue to live and prosper insofar as those things exist these days. Thanks for reading either way.

I also write about fire season, I recently wrote about meeting Joe Rogan once, which was enough. My co-host Joshua Clover has a book coming out soon about the song “Roadrunner” called … ROADRUNNER!!! Last time Joshua and I didn’t see something we didn’t see Worth.